Love Waits

Love, it’s been said, is more catching than hate.

But love is subtle while hate is loud.

Like noisy, hurting children, hate and its friends (anger, spite, prejudice, and fear) clamor constantly for our attention.

Meanwhile, love waits in the midst, quiet and patient, always there. Love is so patient, so large, so fearless, it allows us all of our choices, even the most hateful and angry and stupid ones.

And while we’re busy being hateful or angry or stupid, love, which holds all things, silently and patiently waits for us.

Jesus, Bob, I and I

Had Jesus and Bob Marley lived their lives in the same decades in the same millennium, had they known each other, I think they would have had an extraordinary friendship.

Interesting that they both died at age 33,… but that’s not the point.

Bob wrote in a song in his early days:

“I and I build the cabin. I and I plant the corn.”

Jesus was known to have often said:

“I am in the Father, and the Father is in me.”

Although I’m not a Bible-reading Christian, I do believe that Jesus lived. I believe he lived a life that was inspired and inspiring. I believe he astonished nearly everyone – some so much that they were willing to die for him, others so much that they wanted to kill him. (more…)


Who among us doesn’t love love?

It is a universal craving.

I speculate that it’s infinitely available in every human heart.

And yet, we’re a people starving for love.

We starve ourselves, we starve each other.

Meanwhile, we stuff ourselves with food and Facebook.

The Crumbling Bliss of Ignorance

I’ve noticed, as I grow older, that reality has a way of smashing to pieces my wrong ideas of the world. Lately, they have been dropping like flies.

One of them is the belief that adults will act like adults. Another is the belief that people will naturally act in their highest interest. An especially archaic one is the assumption that the people in charge know what they’re doing and can be trusted. (more…)


Everyone is hurting in our beautiful, broken world.


Every single person you see in a day is hurting. Some a little, some a lot.

You don’t know their story, you don’t need to. Our stories of suffering are meaningless, really.

What matters is what we do with our suffering. (more…)

The Angel Way

I was born animal and angel.

Two ways within me so seemingly at odds.

The craving and the caring.

The getting and the giving.

The scrappy fighter and the compassionate lover.

The incessant hunger that screams and hollers; the silent serenity of Being.

These are the extremes we straddle.

Two souls — animal and angel — ensconced in one body, one mind, one heart.

We are caught between the two. (more…)

The Inside and the Outside

We were once brutal and cruel by necessity. That was long ago when we were just beginning to develop a neo-cortex and far before we developed the capacity to love. We had to be brutal to survive in our more Neolithic days. It was a matter of life and death.

We have since outgrown our life-and-death survival struggle. Arguably, we have  outgrown every single reason to be brutal, to wage violence, to harm anything except the creatures we trump on the food chain, and even here there is no reason to be cruel. (more…)

If God Lives in Me as Me

If I believe that God lives in me as me, then what do I do about that? How do I begin to make that real? Is this what “realizing God” really means?

Typically we look for God in a church, in a guru, in a marriage or a child, on a mountaintop, in a sacred text. And we’re right to look in all these places. God is meant to be found and experienced everywhere. Where we fail to look, though, is in ourselves. I have been wondering why.


The Beginning of Compassion

The pain and heartbreak of life in this world are unbearable.


The reason we seem overall to be bearing it fairly well is the psychological survival mechanism known as denial. We put enormous amounts of energy into avoiding the painful truths of our life experience and into covering up the pain itself. We are biologically wired to run from pain. Pain alerts us to danger or trouble. And pain hurts. (more…)

Why to be Kind

For a species as innately intelligent and loving as we are, we don’t treat each other very well.

We’ve matured remarkably in science and medicine and math, where our accomplishments are advancing at a breathlessly exponential pace. We’ll be colonizing space before the century is out.

We are phenomenal creatures for our imagination and inventiveness.

Yet when it comes to being human in relation to other humans, we remain so crude, so savage, so tragically lagging in our evolutionary progress. (more…)

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