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this is graphene

graphene sheet

Graphene is pure carbon. The dots you see are carbon atoms. The lines are the bonds between them.

Graphene is a 2 dimensional material, which means it is 1 atom thick.

Graphene has remarkable properties. It is about to revolutionize life on Earth.

This web site is a celebration of graphene’s discovery, magnificence and uses.

geim novoselov graphene

the discoverers of graphene

geim novoselov grapheneThe 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Professors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene”. 

Below are links to the lectures they gave upon receiving their Nobel Prizes.

Read the transcript or watch the actual video:

TRANSCRIPT of Andre Geim’s Nobel Prize lecture

VIDEO of Geim’s Nobel Prize lecture – 34 min

TRANSCRIPT of Konstantin Novoselov’s Nobel Prize lecture

VIDEO of Novoselov’s Nobel Prize lecture – 35 min

video: buckeyballs and carbon nanotubes

In this 4 minute video, Dr. Jonathan Hare demonstrates the structure of buckyballs (a soccer ball shaped array of 60 carbon atoms and one of the strongest structures in nature) and carbon nanotubes, tiny graphene tubes (1 billionth of a meter in diameter) that will soon be widely used for dozens, hundreds, thousands of applications.

graphene gadgets earth will soon enjoy

Vehicles with photovoltaic paint that supplies power to the car, even on cloudy days.

Computer nanochips that could store a terabyte or more on a chip the size of a grain of salt, making computers smaller and smaller while faster and faster.

Self-powering devices — no batteries, no cords. The secret is a graphene coating that makes power as it’s needed from the smallest bits of nearby light.
Super-huge, paper-thin, light-weight computer screens that roll up like a poster for easy transport.

Space elevators! Made of super-strong, self-powering graphene cables that stretch from the surface of Earth to an orbiting satellite. [more on space elevators]

Buildings that are fireproof, lightning-proof, and earthquake-proof.

Pocket-size water purification devices that turn the dirtiest, saltiest water into 100% pure H2O.

Clothing that continuously monitors your grandfather’s blood pressure.

Storage containers that keeps food fresh for weeks and months, not days and days.

Smart biomaterials that can detect disease, find and destroy cancer cells, or deliver medication to specific locations in the body.

Topical medicines and gauze that heal injuries fast and without infection.


graphene cleans radioactive waste

A fantastic discovery!

Scientists at Rice University and Lomonosov Moscow State University have discovered that graphene oxide absorbs radioactive material from contaminated water. The graphene oxide binds to radionuclides and turns them into solid waste in a form that’s easy to dispose of.

Not only could graphene oxide have cleaned up the Fukushima nuclear plant, it will be able to clean up toxic messes made from fracking for oil and gas.

graphene: the miracle material

8 good reasons why graphene is miraculous:

  1. Graphene makes energy from any wavelength of light [more]
  2. Graphene is invisible [more]
  3. Graphene is impermeable [more]
  4. Graphene is strong and lightweight [more]
  5. Graphene is elastic [more]
  6. Graphene is hypersensitive [more]
  7. Graphene is a super conductor [more]
  8. Graphene is anti-bacterial [more]


graphene is anti-bacterial


Staphylococcus aureus Bacteria. Image courtesy of National Institute of Health

Amazing, but true. Graphene has been shown to kill bacteria, including the dreaded E. coli. Graphene kills bacteria by slicing into the cell membrane and destroying its DNA.

What this will do in our future:

  • Graphene-laced gauze that will reduce a wound’s healing time and prevent infection.
  • Food and beverage packaging that preclude the need for added chemical preservatives.
  • Food storage containers that keeps food fresh for weeks and months, not days and days.

The anti-bacterial property of graphene is one of 8 good reasons why graphene is miraculous.